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Maxwell Finn is one of the most sought after digital marketing experts in the world. Over the last decade he has helped countless businesses from the Fortune 500 to innovative startups achieve explosive growth with paid advertising. More specifically, he has helped businesses generate over $250M in traceable revenue with Facebook and TikTok ads. Max has taken everything he’s learned doing this and has now taught over 10,000 other marketers how to run more profitable ads through his Facebook and TikTok ad educational programs.

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TikTok Advertising Early Adopter

Over $12 billion will be spent on TikTok ads this year as it gains widespread adoption with advertisers of all sizes. Max has seen this day coming for quite some time as he was one of the very first advertisers to be part of their Alpha program during the very first days of TikTok advertising. Since then he has quickly become one of the most in-demand TikTok advertising authorities in the world running ads for dozens of companies including ClickFunnels, Snow Teeth Whitening, Posh Peanut, Onnit and Goli. Additionally, his TikTok Insiders educational program has helped over 1,000 marketers start running more profitable TikTok ads, while brands like DigitalMarketer and Kajabi have tapped him to create courses for their communities.
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Serial Entrepreneur

Max comes from a family of visionary and successful entrepreneurs, so it came as no shock when he followed in his Father and Grandfather’s footsteps. He started his first company while still in college and since then has launched and grown agencies, e-commerce brands, content sites and educational businesses. Quite a few of these businesses failed while several others had nice exits. Today Max owns a growing portfolio of 7-8 figure companies and is always looking for exciting new businesses to acquire or invest in.

Podcaster & Content Creator

Every week Max sits down with his friend Los Silva to talk marketing, business, the markets, politics, pop culture and more for their Podcast, Down The Middle. The new show has rapidly built up a loyal listener base and is well on its way to becoming a top downloaded podcast. When he isn’t recording the podcast, Max is regularly shooting and sharing high valuable educational content on TikTok, YouTube and Instagram.
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Family Man

While Max absolutely loves all things marketing and entrepreneurship, the single most important thing in his life is his wife and son. Family has always been and always will be his WHY.


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