“Since I was old enough to know what a career was, I knew that I wanted to be an entrepreneur.”

It helped that both my dad and grandfather are entrepreneurs as well. You could say it runs in my family.

During my freshman year at Emory University (2007), I started an event promotion company that achieved considerable success, primarily through search engine optimization and a new thing called social media marketing. Which, at the time, was primarily MySpace.

Even at this early stage of social media, I could see how powerful it could become for businesses. Most business professionals I worked with wrote it off as a fad. They would say, “My customers aren’t on social media, so why should I be?” considering that over 1.5B people are now on Facebook, that statement sounds absurd. But at that time, it was the defacto response from nearly all business professionals.

That’s when my entrepreneur side started to light up. I was on the forefront of something big. So I went for it and started a social media company. Clearly, 2008 was NOT the best time to start a social media marketing agency. The combination of one of the greatest recessions of all time and widespread doubt that social media was a viable marketing channel in the business world made selling services incredibly difficult. Fortunately, I was able to book several great speaking engagements at corporate conventions throughout their first year in business and present the merits of social media marketing to thousands of executives and business professionals in dozens of industries.

While I shut the doors of that agency after transferring to Babson College, where I graduated second in my class (we know bragging is lame), I continued to offer social media marketing consulting in my free time because I loved it!

Over the past decade, I have been involved in over 10 startups and have experience consulting for many businesses ranging from small businesses to multi-national companies and even nonprofits. While I love nearly all social media platforms and digital marketing channels, my passion lies with Facebook marketing and email marketing. These two channels have helped me grow my own businesses past the startup stage incredibly fast and cost-effectively. I was able to grow my latest e-commerce brand, Startup Drugz, from 0-$100,000 in sales in less than 4 months and hit a $500k run rate in just 6 months. This was all accomplished with Facebook marketing and several automated email funnels.

Since then, I have spent the all of my time focused on scaling some of the largest companies and personal brands on the planet, through my paid advertising efforts. Companies like 3M, Sam’s Club and Rival Media have all gotten drastically positive results directly from the paid advertising efforts that I have helped to implement. The reason I continue to spend so much time on my craft is that I am passionate about helping others achieve their desired success. If you want to take your business to the next level by acquiring more customers through paid advertising, my team and I would love to jump in and help.


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“I purchased just about every FB course from all the so-called gurus. From Amy Porterfield, Jon Loomer, Ben Angel, Dan Henry and Keith Krance. I even did the FB blueprint course. And they were all great! Each and every one of them. But there’s only one whose strategies completely blew me away. And that’s Maxwell Finn and his Facebook Ad IQ Academy. His strategies are so mind-boggling that I hesitated to write this post, fearing one my competitors may read it.”
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I am a sought-after expert in nearly every aspect of paid traffic. This includes Facebook ads, SEM, native advertising and more.



Spending online ad dollars is easy. Ensuring those dollars are serving your revenue goals? That’s what sets myself apart. I help companies reach their CPC goals (cost per conversion) and scale business revenue.
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