How To Supercharge Your Facebook Lead Ads With Video

Over the years Facebook has developed one of the world’s most powerful advertising platforms. They have accomplished this by continually releasing new ad units based on where and how people are consuming their content. A few years ago when more and more people started using their smartphones to consume media, Facebook released ads specifically for mobile. Today, along with traditional desktop and mobile ads, Facebook advertisers have the ability to run Instagram ads, video ads, lead generation ads and dynamic product ads along with several other placements and formats. Both video ads and lead generation ads have seen rapid advertiser adoption and are producing incredible results. Unfortunately, there is no native way to run video lead generation ads. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could combine two of Facebook’s most powerful ad units into one?

As a Facebook marketing addict I spend my free time experimenting with the platform. This means I try a lot of things, many of which do not work and are just a waste of time, but every now and then I find something cool. I was able to find a “hack” that allows you to run a video ad and lead gen ad within a single ad unit. In the video above you will see how I did it and learn how to create your own. Enjoy!

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