How My New Store Received 55,000 Page Views Within 7 Days Of Launch…For Free!

Product Hunt is without a doubt one of the most popular startups in the world. It’s quickly become the go to destination for both announcing and discovering incredible new products. As an early user I’ve had a front row seat to this hyper growth app. Every day it seems the top hunts are receiving more upvotes than the previous day (with the exception of a few anomalies). The growth of Product Hunt really has no direct impact on me as a user, other than maybe seeing a wider array of cool products. As a maker (their word for a user who owns the product being hunted) the growth has had an almost unbelievable impact.

As a maker of two hunted products (one hunted 6 months ago and another 1 month ago) I can share cold hard data, which shows just how big Product Hunt has become and why it is the most important tool when it comes to launching your product. The focus of this post will be on my most recently hunted product.

About 5 weeks ago I launched a small side project called Startup Drugz with my 2 business partners, Nick Haase and Dana Severson. Basically we wanted to become the evil twin of Startup Vitamins and any other company creating apparel for startups with inspirational sayings on them. We designed a dozen or so shirts with funny startup sayings on them and created a very basic Shopify store. All 3 of us decided the best place to announce Startup Drugz was on Product Hunt and so early in the morning on Tuesday, April 21st we pressed submit.

By the time I woke up at 8am EST we had already sold $300 worth of shirts and had 400 users live on the site (thank you Google Analytics Real Time). We were in the coveted top spot on Product Hunt by a landslide with over 100 upvotes and this was just the beginning. By the end of the day I couldn’t believe the numbers I was seeing in either Google Analytics or Shopify. Here’s a list of the most notable and impressive stats:

  • 9,222 unique users visited the store
  • These users viewed 27,100 pages
  • Our bounce rate was 60.75%
  • We sold $1,348.50 worth of shirts and posters
  • We ended up with 523 upvotes

The results from our day on Product Hunt were absolutely incredible, but the effect wasn’t over. Each day Product Hunt sends out an email featuring the top hunts from the previous day. We ended up at spot number 2 (congratulations Density on the #1 spot) and were featured prominently in the daily email. This email is sent to a huge audience of engaged readers, which led to another big day in terms of sales and site traffic. Our day 2 results were almost as impressive as day 1. Here’s a list of the same stats I shared from day 1 for day 2:

  • 4,975 unique users visited the store
  • These users viewed 15,689 pages
  • Our bounce rate was 59.49%
  • We sold $922 worth of shirts and posters

Now let’s look at just one more list (I promise), which shows the stats from our first week post Product Hunt:

  • 17,308 unique users visited the store
  • These users viewed 55,028 pages
  • Our bounce rate was 60.69%
  • We sold over $3,000 worth of product

Final Thoughts

Numbers don’t lie and our numbers make it clear that Product Hunt is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to promoting your new startup. Even with paid advertising it would be nearly impossible for us to duplicate these results (at least without a giant budget). As Product Hunt’s user base continues to grow, more and more hunted startups will see results like Startup Drugz.

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