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Enroll in the most comprehensive and advanced Facebook Ads course on the market. Gain instant access to 60+ videos covering everything from finding the perfect audience to scaling with manual bidding.

Consistently Create Wildly Profitable Facebook Ads

I hope you're ready to make some serious 💰

Let's face it...creating a profitable Facebook™ ad is incredibly difficult!

Every day I hear the statement "Facebook™ Ads don't work for a business like mine". The reality is that there is a successful Facebook™ ad strategy out there for every business in every industry. Unfortunately, a vast majority of business owners don't know how to really take full advantage of the Facebook ad platform.

They don't understand how to properly research their market, A/B test, identify winners, scale profitably or maximize customer lifetime value.

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I'm Here To Help You Win 🏆

Everyone needs a coach and mentor

When I first started out in the paid advertising world I didn't seek out a mentor or coach. I tried to do it all myself, which cost me a lot more money and time before I started creating winning campaigns than it should have.


Here's What You Get When You Enroll Today


60+ Videos

$5,000 Value

Learn everything from getting started with custom audiences to advanced post-purchase retargeting strategies.


Private FB Group

$300 Value

Network with other Facebook™ advertisers and ask me questions.


Weekly Office Hours

$1,000 Value

Get in touch with me on a weekly basis to go over how your learning is progressing!


The 60+ Videos Cover The Following Topics

Building Your Foundation

75 Minutes

  • The Facebook Pixel
  • Advanced Custom Audiences
  • Competition Spying
  • Closer Look At Behavioral And Demographic Targeting Options
  • Setting Up Automation Rules
  • Creative and Copy Inspiration and Testing

Ad Type Breakdown

59 Minutes

  • Creating Canvas Ads
  • Creating Collection Ads
  • Creating Offer Ads
  • Creating Sponsored Message Ads
  • Intro To Dynamic Product Ads
  • Product Catalog & DPA Feed Creation
  • Creating Dynamic Product Ads

Data Is King

74 Minutes

  • Knowing Your Numbers With Reports
  • Deep Dive Into Reporting
  • Facebook Analytics
  • Using UTMs For Better Tracking

My Funnels & Advanced Strategies

196 Minutes

  • Selling With Facebook Live
  • The Free + Shipping Funnel Part 1
  • The Free + Shipping Funnel Part 2
  • Smart From Scratch Course Launch Strategy Part 1
  • Smart From Scratch Course Launch Strategy Part 2
  • Smart From Scratch Course Launch Strategy Part 3
  • The Foundation Of All My Facebook Campaigns
  • Video Ad Funnel
  • The Thank You Ad
  • Turning Photos Into Videos
  • The Post Purchase Retargeting Funnel
  • Overwhelming Value Lead Gen Campaign
  • Kevin Harrington Lead Generation Campaign

The Future Is Messenger

48 Minutes

  • Getting Started With Messenger
  • Messenger Automation
  • Growing Your Messenger Audience

Profitably Scaling

35 Minutes

  • Intro To Manual Bidding
  • Manual Bidding Part 2
  • The 20% Scaling Rule

Power Tools

27 Minutes

  • ConnectRetarget
  • Sniply
  • CartHook
  • Zipify Pages


2 PDFs

  • 6 Facebook Ads You Need To Run
  • My Presentation For Ezra Firestone’s Ecom Allstars Event

Funnel Blueprints

5 PDFs

  • The Gold Standard
  • Cold Traffic
  • Manual Bidding
  • Free + Shipping
  • Pat Flynn Course Launch

Facebook Lives

415 Minutes

  • LIVE: How To Media Spend Wisely
  • LIVE: Scaling Ads
  • LIVE: Preferred Type Of FB ADs/ Ad Methods / Manual Bidding
  • Created New Campaign For Pat Flynn’s Podcasting Course That Produced Over $160,000 In Sales On Less Than $10,000 In Spend
  • LIVE: Leveraging 3rd Party Content For Your Ads And Post Purchase Retargeting
  • LIVE: Creating Ad Sets
  • Analyzing Our Killer Free + Shipping Funnel
  • Testing Out Facebook’s New Live Audio Feature
  • Facebook’s Brand New Ad Account Overviews
  • How To Link Your Page To Your Group
  • Best Way To Generate High-Quality Applications Through Facebook Ads
  • How To Have Great Brand Identity
  • Canvas Ad ➡️ Shopify Checkout ➡️ CartHook Upsell Sequence
  • Facebook’s New Analytics Platform Makes Identifying Winning Audiences So Much Easier
  • Q+A: How To Report/Segment Purchases For A Specific Product Within FB Reporting
  • Q+A: How Target Audience About Woman Fitness Apparel
  • Q+A: Structuring A Campaign With $100-200 Budget Structure
  • Q+A: “So, I’ve Put Up The Ad, Targeted The Interests And All The Details, Set It To $5/Day Budget And Then… What Do We Do?”


Entrepreneurs Like You Are Seeing Huge Results

Kevin Harrington - Original Shark from Shark Tank

Pat Flynn - CEO at Smart Passive Income

Denise Reyes - Entrepreneur

Josh Felber - Best Selling Author and Serial Entrepreneur

Jonathan Felix Reyes - Founder at Pregame Labs

Dimitris Skiadas - Analytics & Ecom Expert

Mark Barnes - Founder At Hack Learning

Josue Pena - Instagram Marketing Expert

Charlie Brandt - Founder of iVirtualTrainer


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Talking about myself is probably the activity I hate most...seriously it's the worst. That being said, most of you don't know me and I am asking you to give me money for my knowledge, so I should tell you a little bit about why this is an awesome deal for you!

I have been a digital marketer and entrepreneur for over 10 years. I launched my first startup while I was still in college called Loot. My partner and I raised several million dollars in venture funding, acquired hundreds of thousands of users and had close to 20 employees before we sold the company.

After Loot I launched Startup Drugz, an ecommerce store selling entrepreneurial themed gear. Startup Drugz did over $300k in sales in its first year and since then I have been obsessed with ecommerce and Facebook advertising.

Throughout the last few years I have coached countless entrepreneurs and helped them take their businesses to the next level with advanced Facebook advertising strategies.

During this time I also co-founded an agency with the original Shark from Shark Tank, Kevin Harrington. Our agency runs Facebook ads and sales funnels for some of the biggest companies in the world like 3M. We also launch our own products and earned a 2 Comma Club award from ClickFunnels for building a funnel that generated over $1M in revenue. In fact, we generated $4.5M from a single product in just 4 months.

I am frequently invited to speak about Facebook advertising at some of the biggest and most prestigious events and masterminds in the world. This includes an invite only mastermind for the top 25 marketers on Shopify (sponsored by Shopify) and Ezra Firestone's Ecom Allstars Conference. I've been featured on many podcasts including ClickFunnel's Funnel Hacker Radio and Shopify's Shopify Masters podcast.

While all of these accomplishments are exciting, I can honestly say that this Academy is the thing I am most proud of in my entire business career! I am excited for you to join me inside and to help you take your business to the next level.



Your ROI On This Investment Is Going To Be HUGE 🤑

Facebook Ad IQ Academy

$997 One Time
  • 30+ hours of video content
  • Building your foundation module
  • Ad type breakdown module
  • Data is king module
  • My funnels and advanced strategies module
  • The future is Messenger module
  • Profitably scaling module
  • Power tools module
  • Downloadable funnel PDFs
  • All of my Facebook Lives
  • Private Facebook group
  • Weekly live Q&A
  • Weekly live ad and landing page audits
  • Access to all updates and new videos
  • Priority access and pricing for upcoming masterminds and events


How long is the course?

The course contains 65+ videos. The total length of the video section of the course is 15 hours if watched straight through. When combined with the PDFs, the full-length of the course is 20 hours (depending on how fast of a reader you are!). Plan to take 5-7 weeks to complete the course.

Is this for beginners or advanced Facebook Advertisers?

The best part of Facebook Ad IQ Academy is that it has so much content that it provides incredible value for both beginners and advanced advertisers. Beginners will find topics like setting up the pixel and learning how to create every type of ad available incredibly valuable. Advanced advertisers will find topics like manual bidding and Messenger growth hacking strategies just as valuable.

How long do I have access to the Academy?

You have lifetime access to the Academy, which includes all the course content and the private Facebook group.

What if I am not satisfied with the Academy?

I want you to be more than satisfied...I want you to make some serious money with your Facebook Ads! A lot of course out there will simply refund your payment no matter what and that's it. I am truly invested in your success, so if you have completed the course and still aren't seeing a noticeable improvement in your Facebook Ads then I will personally work with you during a one-on-one session to help you. If after that session you still aren't seeing a noticeable improvement then I will issue a full refund.

What if I can't afford the full payment?

We offer a payment plan option, which breaks the one-time payment up into 4 smaller monthly payments. If you are just getting started with Facebook Ads and have a tight budget then you should check out Facebook Ad IQ Academy Lite, which is half the price of the regular Academy and also has a payment plan option.

What if I have questions or problems?

All students have access to our private Facebook group where they can ask any questions. My team (all of whom manage 6+ figure monthly budgets) and I are active in the group daily. If you have urgent or very specific questions you can email me at max@unicorninnovations.com.

Can I pay with PayPal?

Yes, you can pay with PayPal!

Profits Are Waiting For You!

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